Aloha Limousine

This is one of three websites I did for the same transportation company.

I was asked to create three sites that would be easily updated by their staff.

I set them up using Go Daddy’s Web Builder Portal.  Having their domains hosted there as well as using web builder gave them a website with training wheels.  They needed only to change content.  No coding and everything was locked up so they could not break the site.

Web Builder, WIX and others are a great way for a small business owner to build a nice looking website with eCommerce without any need to learn how to build a site.

The hand holding the support folks at Go Daddy do is amazing.  I recommend folks try out a site builder or have me set up a template for them with the base content they have first.  If that is too much trouble I build a site for them.

The issue with site builders are the look.  They are very restricting by design and all tend to look the same.  They tend to have a clunky look without a ton of work put into them.

My Complete Mind Body System web design is using web builder and is about as elegant and has a calming look that the owner can now manage easily and he rents and sells on-line training web-based training and videos with a pay wall.  With no experience with the web.

Since then the parent company changed management and all three sites have changed.  Below is a link from the internet Way Back Machine.

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