I provide services for individuals, small and medium business with small budgets and a need for a simple web presence. I don’t like geek speak and websites aren’t brain surgery any longer. It’s now most important that your site looks good on mobile, tablets and desktop computers. I can help anyone understand the web and their place in it.

I offer several options based on complexity and my client’s interest in management of their site. I offer a number of very easy to manage web sites with stores if needed. All sites include google analytics setup so you can easily see what’s happening at your site in real time. I am happy to setup a site using, Wix, Go Daddy site builder and others then turn it over for easy updating by client. I provide graphic help as well to make a site look great. Visit my website to explore your available options.

All recommendations and skills comments below are unsolicited and were not done as reciprocal recommendations with the listed person all of which are the top in their respective fields and I am very proud to know and work with every one of them!

I create a complete site using a site builder like VIX and others like it. This option is great for a business owner who needs regular updates pushed to their site and doesn’t want to pay for a monthly fee to have it done. I design and build the site including images and copy provided by the client. I manipulate images as needed and offer design help for color scheme and copy.

The skill level required is basic for this type of site.If you can use a program like Microsoft Word, save images from your phone to your computer (emailing them to yourself), navigate menus, save and find files on your computer you can easily manage this type of site once I lock the site down.

Once the site is finished I can lock it down so you cannot corrupt the site. You only manage images and text. This gives you a sense of security that you won’t knock your website off line. I offer a few updates so if you need a design change as you get more content on your site. This option does have a shopping cart available for an easy e-commerce site.

The technical support available to the services I recommended are fail safe for you. They offer worldwide dedicated 24/7 support designed for the novice. They have complete control of every facet of the website under one tech support group. This assures that one vendor can’t point to another and you get bounced between tech support companies. Your issues are resolved easily and painlessly.